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New York Birth Defect and Structured Settlement News

Emergency Room Visits Carry More ‘Wait’ Than Ever
The wait at emergency rooms not only in New York but also across the country has become increasingly long, sometimes even if you are pregnant, which can result in birth i

Mom Seeks Birth Certificates for Stillborns
Bernadette Perez of West Haverstraw wants to have a birth certificate issued for her daughter, Karissa Marie Bermudez, even though her daughter was a stillbirth.

Magnesium Useful for Newborns with Low Oxygen
Newborn babies can suffer a handful of medical problems if they have a lack of oxygen when they are born but the use of magnesium could help to save those babies that...

Birth Injury and the Consequences of Cerebral Palsy
The Medical Center was guilty of causing severe brain damage to the infant during child birth and that the negligence on behalf of the hospital employees....

Hairspray and Cosmetic Products Responsible For Genital Birth Defects
Chemicals used in cosmetic products and hairspray have shown a link to genital birth defects

Pre-Pregnancy Diabetes Linked to Birth Defects
Pregnant women that suffer from pre pregnancy diabetes are three to four times more likely to give birth to child with birth defects than non diabetic women

Studies Show That Phthalates Contribute To Developmental Defects in Babies
The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC imposed a permanent ban on certain phthalates used in children’s toys because of their potential for developmental defects

Study Shows Babies Conceived By Assisted Reproduction Have a Higher Risk of Birth Defects
A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC infants conceived with Assisted Reproductive Technology ART are two to four times more likely to..

The Staggering Toll of Birth Defects on Our Most Vulnerable Form of Life
Birth defects are a main cause of infant deaths in the world and more than 20 percent of all infant deaths in the United States annually.

Social and Genetic Causes of Birth Defects
Other causes of birth defects can be genetic factors out of the control of the mother such a difference in the RH factors of the blood type between the mother and the ...

The Devastation and Consequences of Erb’s Palsy
Erb’s Palsy is the consequences of a birth injury in where the upper main group of nerves that support movement for the arms are damaged during childbirth

Common Types of Birth Defects
Metabolic or structural birth defects are the most common type of birth defects and they occur when certain body parts malformed or completely absent at birth.

History of Cerebral Palsy
The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke explains the history of Cerebral Palsy

Structured Settlements Are Becoming A Popular Mechanism
The sale of structured settlements is becoming a popular mechanism for consumers to get immediate access to cash without taking out a loan

New York Hospitals Fail To Provide Important Birthing Information
As the rate of Cesarean section births continues to rise, New York City hospitals are still failing to provide legally mandated information on C-section deliveries

Union Speaks Out for Structured Settlements
Structured Settlements may Guarantee Injury Income for Victims of Accidents

Importance of Medical Research on Birth Defects In New York
The CMR publishes an annual Birth Cohort Report that summarizes malformations by type, by organ system and by county. The demographics of children with reported malformat

New York Pregnancy Birth Defect Facts
Birth defects vary from mild to severe, can be easy to see or require special tests, and can affect how the body looks, functions, or both. Birth defects can be found bef

New York Study Regarding Information on Birth Defects
Conflicting studies generally show a lower rate of anesthetic complications with planned vaginal delivery than with planned cesarean delivery. However, the surveyed lite

New York City Health Hospital Corporation Warns Against Shaken Baby Syndrome
It is considered a form of child abuse. A baby is the greatest gift of all. Yet some parents, siblings, or caretakers whowould not consider hitting a baby, think that sha

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Birth Defect and Structured Settlement News

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